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Capan-1 cells

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References for Capan-1 cells:

1. Holt, J. T., Toole, W. P., Patel, V. R., Hwang, H., and Brown, E. T. Restoration of CAPAN-1 cells with functional BRCA2 provides insight into the DNA repair activity of individuals who are heterozygous for BRCA2 mutations. Cancer Genet Cytogenet, 186: 85-94, 2008.

2. Fanjul, M., Alvarez, L., and Hollande, E. Expression and subcellular localization of a 35-kDa carbonic anhydrase IV in a human pancreatic ductal cell line (Capan-1). J Histochem Cytochem, 55: 783-794, 2007.

3. Szucs, A., Demeter, I., Burghardt, B., Ovari, G., Case, R. M., Steward, M. C., and Varga, G. Vectorial bicarbonate transport by Capan-1 cells: a model for human pancreatic ductal secretion. Cell Physiol Biochem, 18: 253-264, 2006.

4. Liu, Z. W., Zhao, Y. P., Liao, Q., Wu, Y. D., and Zhu, Y. [Relationship between apoptosis induced by 2-butylamino-2-demethoxy-hypocrellin B in human pancreatic cancer cells Capan-1 and photosensitization of mitochondria]. Zhonghua Wai Ke Za Zhi, 44: 36-39, 2006.

5. Gay, M., Montana, A. M., Moreno, V., Prieto, M. J., Llorens, R., and Ferrer, L. Studies of interaction of dichloro[eta2-dimethyl-(2-methylidene-cyclohexylmethyl)-amino]platinum(II) with DNA: effects on secondary and tertiary structures of DNA - cytotoxic assays on human cancer cell lines Capan 1 and A431. J Inorg Biochem, 99: 2387-2394, 2005.

6. McCabe, N., Lord, C. J., Tutt, A. N., Martin, N. M., Smith, G. C., and Ashworth, A. BRCA2-deficient CAPAN-1 cells are extremely sensitive to the inhibition of Poly (ADP-Ribose) polymerase: an issue of potency. Cancer Biol Ther, 4: 934-936, 2005.

7. Shirk, A. J. and Kuver, R. Epidermal growth factor mediates detachment from and invasion through collagen I and Matrigel in Capan-1 pancreatic cancer cells. BMC Gastroenterol, 5: 12, 2005.

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