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E3LZ10.7 (A10.7) cells

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Frozen vial USD520.0

References for E3LZ10.7 cells:

1. Bisht, S., Brossart, P., Maitra, A., and Feldmann, G. Agents targeting the Hedgehog pathway for pancreatic cancer treatment using E3LZ10.7 cells. Curr Opin Investig Drugs, 11: 1387-1398.

2. Feldmann, G., Fendrich, V., McGovern, K., Bedja, D., Bisht, S., Alvarez, H., Koorstra, J. B., Habbe, N., Karikari, C., Mullendore, M., Gabrielson, K. L., Sharma, R., Matsui, W., and Maitra, A. An orally bioavailable small-molecule inhibitor of Hedgehog signaling inhibits tumor initiation and metastasis in pancreatic cancer using E3LZ10.7 cells. Mol Cancer Ther, 7: 2725-2735, 2008.

3. Feldmann, G., Habbe, N., Dhara, S., Bisht, S., Alvarez, H., Fendrich, V., Beaty, R., Mullendore, M., Karikari, C., Bardeesy, N., Ouellette, M. M., Yu, W., and Maitra, A. Hedgehog inhibition prolongs survival in a genetically engineered mouse model of pancreatic cancer using E3LZ10.7 cells. Gut, 57: 1420-1430, 2008.

4. Feldmann, G., Dhara, S., Fendrich, V., Bedja, D., Beaty, R., Mullendore, M., Karikari, C., Alvarez, H., Iacobuzio-Donahue, C., Jimeno, A., Gabrielson, K. L., Matsui, W., and Maitra, A. Blockade of hedgehog signaling inhibits pancreatic cancer invasion and metastases uisng E3LZ10.7 cells: a new paradigm for combination therapy in solid cancers. Cancer Res, 67: 2187-2196, 2007.

5. Embuscado EE, Laheru D, Ricci F, Yun KJ, de Boom Witzel S, Seigel A, Flickinger K, Hidalgo M, Bova GS, Iacobuzio-Donahue CA. Immortalizing the complexity of cancer metastasis: genetic features of lethal metastatic pancreatic cancer obtained from rapid autopsy. Cancer Biol Ther. 4(5):548-54, 2005.

Certificate of Analysis/MSDS is available upon request with lot number

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