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Bioanalytical Screening and study

AddexBio screening service utilizes tailored assays to meet the demands of your screening strategies. We have the capacity and expertise to maximize your library screening efforts. Our services can be used for target validation, hit identification and lead optimization, or follow-up studies, choosing from our broad portfolio of assays for targets such as profiling of the cancer pathways, GPCRs, and ion channels. For these target screenings, we offer the flexibility of multiple readouts for luminescence assay and/or second messenger detection.

AddexBio carries over 150 human and animal cell lines, see Table. Our assays can therefore be readily customized in primary, stably transfected, immortalized, cancer, and other cell types to meet your needs.

Assay Validation

Our assays are validated based on the NIH Chemical Genomics Center Assay Guidance Manual. Appropriate controls are included on every plate and Z' values and signal to noise calculations are determined for the entire screening process. Any assay that does not meet our specifications or specific criteria set by the customer will be repeated.

Our services deliver

  • Bioanalytical screening of library compounds

  • Final lead compounds

  • High quality data

  • Extensive validation and appropriate controls included

  • Fast turnaround time depending on the size of the project

  • Competitive pricing

  • Complete confidentiality

Available Assays

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