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MDA-MB-468 cells

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Use only Express Delivery (overnight) for cell line. International shipping rate please contact us for details

Frozen vial USD420.0

References for MDA-MB-468 cells:

1. Cailleau, R., Olive, M., Cruciger, Q. V. (1978). Long-term human breast carcinoma cell lines of metastatic origin: preliminary characterization. In Vitro 14 ( 11 ): 911-915.

2. Nigro, J. M., Baker, S. J., Preisinger, A. C., Jessup, J. M., Hostetter, R., Cleary, K., Bigner, S. H., Davidson, N., Baylin, S., Devilee, P., . (1989). Mutations in the p53 gene occur in diverse human tumour types. Nature 342 ( 6250 ): 705-708.

Certificate of Analysis/MSDS is available upon request with lot number

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