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Compound Submission

We appreciate your interest in doing business with AddexBio Technologies. To ensure proper handling and routing of your samples to our laboratories, we ask that you please pay close attention to the following information:



When shipping your samples to our laboratories, we ask that you please include Compound Information Document for In Vitro or In Vivo Studies (please specify), which will further help us route your samples.

If shipping your samples from an international location, we strongly recommend that you select an international express carrier with experience at customs. To decrease custom duties or delays on shipments, please indicate on the package that "THE MATERIALS ARE FOR LABORATORY PURPOSES ONLY, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, OF NO COMMERCIAL VALUE".

Your samples must be shipped in the correct temperature. For compounds sent at -20°C, enough dry ice must be used to ensure any unexpected delays in transportation.

AddexBio Technologies will notify you when your sample has been received at our laboratories by phone, fax or email.



The amount of compound sample required depends on the requested in vitro and/or in vivo study. Please refer to the task order provided by AddexBio Technologies to find out the recommended amount of compound to ship.



Unless otherwise directed by the Client, for in vitro studies, samples are solubilized in 100% DMSO to yield a 10 mM stock solution of the test sample. This stock solution is further diluted into 4% DMSO to achieve a 10-fold higher concentration than the final test concentration(s).

The addition of reagents used in the assay further dilutes the sample solution, so that the final DMSO concentration in the assay is 0.4%. If you have determined that your compounds are insoluble in 100% DMSO, 4% DMSO, or require special handling, please contact us prior to compound shipment.



In our standard process, compounds are solubilized and stored at room temperature. Special storage requirements are available at AddexBio Technologies and must be specified in the compound shipment form.



Unless otherwise indicated by the Client, unused sample will be disposed of three months after completion of the project. Unused material can be returned at the Client's expense.

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