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SJSA-1 cells

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Frozen vial USD390.0

References for SJSA-1 cells:

1. Bransfield, K. L., Askham, J. M., Leek, J. P., Robinson, P. A., and Mighell, A. J. Phenotypic changes associated with DYNACTIN-2 (DCTN2) over expression characterise SJSA-1 osteosarcoma cells. Mol Carcinog, 45: 157-163, 2006.

2. Missirlis, D., Khant, H., and Tirrell, M. Mechanisms of peptide amphiphile internalization by SJSA-1 cells in vitro. Biochemistry, 48: 3304-3314, 2009.

3. Missirlis, D., Krogstad, D. V., and Tirrell, M. Internalization of p53(14-29) peptide amphiphiles and subsequent endosomal disruption results in SJSA-1 cell death. Mol Pharm, 7: 2173-2184.

Certificate of Analysis/MSDS is available upon request with lot number

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