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Calcium Channel (Calcium Channel Assay)

Homology model of the TRPV1 ion channel

Calcium channel have been well recognized as therapeutic targets for treating a number of diseases. However, the calcium channel class is considered to be underexploited due to the lack of reliable functional cell-based assays for HTS. Utilizing novel fluorescent dyes, such as fluo-4 AM dye, we have completed implementation of HTS for several calcium channels, including TRPC and TRPV channels. With expertise on these channels, we offer calcium channel assay development for HTS services as well as screening and profiling services using Flexstation 3 and calcium imager. Utilizing digital cell Ca2+ imaging with fura-2 AM dye in single human living cells, we also offer [Ca2+]i measurement to test effects of lead compounds on GPCR-mediated [Ca2+]i signaling pathway, such as Ca-sensing receptor and other GPCR.

Price: US$50 for 1 concentration to 1 single cell with 1 Ca2+ channel or 1 receptor.

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