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Intracellular pH Regulators (pHi Regulators)

Protein Structure of NHE

Importance of Intracellular pH regulator

Intracellular pH (pHi) is important for maintaining various cell functions. Under physiological conditions, pHi is fine controlled by several ion channels and exchangers, including Na+/H+ exchanger (NHE), Na+-HCO3- co-transporter (NBC), Cl-/HCO3- anion exchangers (AE) and CFTR channels. However, pHi is dysregulated in a number of cardiac and neural pathologies, and development of various cancers. Using digital cell imaging with fluorescent dye in single human living cells, we offer assays to test effects of lead compounds on several pHi regulators, including NHE, NBC, NE and CFTR channels in both cell lines and primary human cells.

Diagram of functions of Intracellular pH regulators

Price Structure of Intracellular pH Regulator Assay:

US$80 for 1 concentration to 1 single cell with 1 pHi regulator.

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